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Stihl Electric Blower
Stihl SHE 71blower and vacuum unit.

The easy-to-use and quiet electric blower unit can be used to clear up gardens, pavements and a variety of other areas. When combined with the practical Vac-Kit, the blower unit can be converted into a vacuum unit with catcher bag for compressing large volumes of waste.£117.00inc vat

BGA 85 High-performing innotive battery blower for use around the house, in the garden, garage and tool sheds. Easy to use infinitely variable speed control for individual setting of jet intenstiy and soft grip handle for comfortable operation.

£225.00 inc vat (excluding battery and charger

£456.00 inc vat including battery and charger


Stihl BG 56c-e Blower 27cc Powerful hand Held blower , £238.00 inc vat

Stihl BG66 c-e Low noise £279.00

Stihl BG 86 c-e Blower anti vibration flat nozzle more powerful £288.00inc vat

Optional vacuum kit £75.00 inc vat



Stihl SH 56 c-e Blower /shredder /vacuum 27cc engine .

£288.00 inc vat

Stihl SH86 c-e More powerful than the SH56 Anti vibration handle. Flat blower nozzle, for more effective blowing .Throttle lock. . £333.00 inc vat



Stihl BR200 Compact very low weight blower. leaves and grass clippings or clearing debris, powerful enough to tackle almost any blowing needs around the garden. Simplified system light weight design and anti-vibration system provide extra comfort.

Air throughput 690m/hr £340.00 inc vat



Stihl BR350

Quiet 4-mix blower low emission 63.3cc 750m/hr £383.00 inc vat

Stihl BR430

Quiet 4-mix Blower low emission 850m/hr £448.00 inc vat

Stihl BR500

Quiet 4-mix Blower low emission 810m/hr £507.00 inc vat

Stihl BR600

Quiet 4-mix Blower low emission 1210m/hr £572.00 inc vat






Itís the perfect substitute for raking leaves and picking up litter. Customers love the KD because it saves them valuable time and money

LB61 20" Suction width 6 hp Briggs &Stratton engine £566.00 inc vat




Itís the perfect substitute for raking leaves and picking up litter. Customers love the KD because it saves them valuable time and money

KV600 6HP Briggs&Stratton engine 27"suction width. 5 bladed steel impellor.£899.00 inc vat

KV650H 6.5hp push with a Honda Engine £1061.00

KV600SP Same as above but power driven £1160.00 inc vat

KV650SPH 6.5hp power driven with a Honda Engine £1349.00

TKVSPH Same as above with a chipper £1511.00

Optional hose kit price when purchased with machine ie.£205.00 inc vat

MV650H 6.5hp honda engine. 6 bladed fan that greatly reduces noise and increases suction Zipperless bag, Interchangable bag liners, Top loading 75 gallon bag holds up to 50 lbs of debris

This model is ideal for schools an offices where noise is concern. Or for domestic use where the maximum suction is required.£1781.00 inc vat

MV650SPH 3 Speed Transmisson £2015.00 inc vat

Optional hose kit l price when purchased with machine

£225.00 inc vat

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